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SonoCrafters utilizes pro grade equipment throughout its live sound setups. This page describes the key components.


For large ensembles, we utilize the Behringer X32 system that has quickly become the an industry standard among live sound production companies. This all-digital system includes 32-channel digital snakes, extensive mixing effects, recall-able scene management, and very flexible monitoring capabilities.  For smaller ensembles, we use the Behringer X-Air XR18, which takes a very small space on the stage and requires no separate mixing console and table, yet still provides a rich set of digital mixing and recording capabilities for up to 16 channels.

For acoustically difficult spaces, we employ the DBX DriveRack system that precisely equalizes the sound system to match the acoustics of the room.

For smaller ensembles, we have a variety of simpler systems that enable quick set-up and a high quality sound


We prefer QSC powered loudspeakers for front of house. These speakers provide exceptional quality and sound volume in a small package.

For occasions that require a strong bottom, such as rock, hiphop, funk or rap, we utilize sub-woofers in various sizes from Samson and Electrovoice.

We can support most in-ear monitoring systems, and we can also provide compact floor monitors from Mackie and Samson.


We have an extensive microphone selection, given that SonoCrafters has a major focus on recording. We primarily use microphones from Shure, Sennheiser, Rode, MXL, and Audix.