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Over the years, SonoCrafters has created many hundreds of musical arrangements ranging from simple music exercises for students through complex orchestrations for full symphony orchestra. Commissioned projects include:

  • Jazz arrangements for big band or reduced combos in a wide variety of styles (traditional swing, ragtime, bebop, modern jazz ballad, hiphop, funk and more.)
  • Small wind ensembles, such as brass or woodwind quintets
  • Adding horn sections to rock pieces
  • Contemporary Christian orchestrations

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SonoCrafters does musical reconstruction projects from time to time, where music has fallen out of publication. Such projects include:

  • Re-creation of parts from a score
  • Recreation of printed music from a recording
  • Expansion of existing arrangements to fit a different or larger ensemble

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SonoCrafters can provide general music engraving services, such as:

  • Restoring old music to newly engraved format that is much easier to read, or suitable for presentation as a gift
  • Creation of professional-looking lead sheets for song-writers
  • Creation of fake sheets for cover bands

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