High-quality Engraving

SonoCrafters has done many projects requiring professional, publication-quality music engraving. The example below was a project where the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis performed a piece with soprano Angela Brown. This was an arrangement of “Sweet Little Jesus Boy”, written for Ms. Brown by Maestro Jackson Wiley. The orchestra wanted to perform this work with Ms. Brown in celebration of Maestro Wiley’s life.

Although the work had been performed previously, what was available were an incomplete handwritten score, most of the handwritten orchestral parts, and various notes indicating revisions Wiley had made in the course of the initial performance.

SonoCrafters was able to use this information to recreate the score reflecting the Maestro's original vision, and to engrave the entire package professionally in a form suitable for presentation to Ms. Brown and Maestro Wiley’s family as a memento of the Maestro’s genius.


Engraving projects are generally delivered printed on high-quality paper stock, and can also be delivered as Adobe PDFs, Dorico files, Finale files, Sibelius files, or MusicXML. In addition, SonoCrafters can develop a high-quality computer rendering of the music, suitable for rehearsal purposes.