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More than gear

We live in a time when an investment of $4000 - $6000 can acquire professional grade sound reinforcement hardware adequate for small-to-medium sized events. Many bands, organizations, and theaters can afford to have high quality sound equipment

However, the best sound equipment produces poor results if it is not combined with sound engineering expertise. Many factors contribute to the quality of sound reinforcement, such as:

  • Microphone quality and the knowledge of placement
  • Equalization of the total sound to match the acoustics of the venue
  • Equalization (and other processing) of each instrument to achieve a balanced mix
  • Proper speaker placement
  • Ideal monitor coverage and mix
  • Minimization of factors contributing to feedback
  • Choice of when to use direct boxes
  • Consultation with musicians to improve the quality of sound at the source
  • And many other factors


What SonoCrafters Does

We provide and operate live sound systems that are compact and professional grade, suitable for audiences up to about 1000.

Clients typically include:

  • Concerts (indoors or outside)
  • Church events, such as revivals
  • Organizational rallies
  • Panel speakers
  • Weddings and other ceremonies

We use the best available compact speaker systems that provide great sound quality, yet set up quickly and unobtrusively. We use full-digital mixing consoles and digital stage boxes that allow the front-of-house mix to be practically anywhere, and can even provide the entire mix from a wireless pad if the situation dictates.

We can cover the largest ensembles, with up to 40-channel live mixing and recording. By utilizing compact, high-quality components, we are able to offer these professional services at an affordable price.


What we DON'T do

Our specialty is sound. We do not provide lighting systems. We do not supply stages and stage apparatus for large shows. We do not provide arena-sized sound systems.

Instead, we recommend other highly qualified companies for projects of that magnitude, such as:

These are highly capable companies, excellent at large productions.

We do not provide DJ services, per se, although we do offer tasteful background music suitable for most occasions.