The Challenge

Organizations have a wide variety of recording needs. Sometimes the need is simple, such as capturing song ideas or preserving a panel discussion for later playback. Sometimes the goals are more challenging, such as creating an impressive demo track for a band.

Anyone can buy low cost stereo digital field recorders today. And in the right situations, with good placement, these devices can achieve good sound quality with a minimum of expertise. However, most recordings produced in a "point and shoot" mode will sound shallow and amateurish when compared to commercial recordings.

Audio Recording

SonoCrafters can help you close the gap between "point and shoot" quality and competitive commercial quality.  See what goes into our professional audio recording.

Video Recording

In today's social media world, we have a strong incentive to tell our story both audibly and visually. People are far more likely to consume your information if it is in the form of a video. As with audio recording, there is very good technology available at a low price. But there can be a huge difference impact in between a raw movie clip shot from a smartphone and a professionally produced video. SonoCrafters is primarily engaged in achieving the best sound production possible. We can deliver this sound quality through video productions. We do not aspire to produce Hollywood-quality video. Instead, we target productions suitable for today's social media and can do such productions at a modest price.  See what goes into our professional video recording.

 See a review of the various technologies here.