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SonoCrafters utilizes pro grade equipment throughout its recording setups. This page describes the key components

Large-ensemble Capture

For large ensembles, we utilize the Soundcraft UI24r, an all-digital system that can capture up to 40 tracks simultaneously using high-quality preamps that have a very low noise floor and are quite transparent acoustically. In our experience, this technology provides near-studio quality that is more than adequate for live recording.  For projects that require fewer recording tracks, we often use an Allen & Heath CQ digital recording mixer, which is a much more compact setup that provides all of the quality and capability of the larger Soundcraft without requiring a separate mixing console on-site. This allows for a more unobtrusive operation, ideal for formal affairs such as weddings or other formal occasions.

For the larger projects, capture the content digitally into a custom-built notebook computer running Presonus StudioOne software. This is an extremely robust recording environment because the digital content can be recorded BOTH to StudioOne and to an SD card on the mixer itself, providing redundancy.

Smaller Recording Projects

SonoCrafters is happy to undertake smaller live recording projects, and field recording projects that are not part of a live performance. For these settings we typically use a very portable all-digital system such as the 8-channel Zoom H8 Handy Recorder.


We have an extensive microphone selection. We primarily use microphones from Shure, Sennheiser, Rode, MXL, and Audix.