Single-Camera Productions

SonoCrafters can produce professional-quality videos at a low cost by taking advantage of the latest recording technology. Below is a video produced for the Rhythm-8 Band. This was achieved with a single camera, making extensive use of post-editing. Please notice that the sound quality is much higher than can be achieved with any camera-mounted microphone at any price. For productions that depend highly on the sound track, we do a separate high-quality audio recording with extensive mixing and mastering, then synchronize that audio production with the video.

Multiple-Camera Productions

Here is a video produced for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis.  This employed two cameras. Both cameras were fixed and located unobtrusively. The side camera was added in order to capture the spirit of the event with the live audience and to give the viewer a look into the performance from the musicians' point of view. As these were both HD recordings, it is possible to use digital pan and zoom during post production to enable the feeling of a professional camera crew.

The audio was captured with a Shure VP88 microphone operating in mid-side mode to produce realistic stereo separation while capturing some of the ambiance of the event.

There is some loss of video quality when using pan and zoom. This production technique is best suited when producing for smaller format devices and social media. This results in very acceptable video and audio quality on Youtube, for example.Because it is not necessary to hire operators for each camera, the costs are minimized, giving a great value to the client.